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Laura was born in the midwest but migrated to Texas in her early 20’s where she married and had 2 amazing daughters.  They eventually moved to Colorado where they had vacationed for the beauty the area provided. Laura has always enjoyed creating and began painting in watercolor in her thirties after taking a few watercolor lessons. She considers herself self-taught and says she begins a painting with an idea but often the painting will have a life of its own, turning out differently than her original intent.

She sees shapes, landscapes, and animals in the blank spaces of her canvas and paints the figures in using different techniques, often incorporating them into one painting, experimenting as she goes. She will use the palette knife, her hands, a brush or the paint alone to get the look she desires.

Acrylic is her favorite medium and impressionistic landscapes with Colorado mountains, trees and water her inspirations for her landscapes.

Laura’s creativity goes beyond painting to include gardening and farming in the North Carolina mountains where she now lives with the goal of being self-sustainable.

She is now living the dream of being a full-time artist and her love of color and natureis unmistakable, from her landscapes to her still lifes, all contain a warmth that is tangible.